Shaman, Soul Coach, Educator, Reiki-Master

...helping you live the life you choose, soul first

Your soul is that timeless, incredibly wise and infinitely intelligent part of you.

It has its own unique blue print, history, memory, resonance, lineage and evolution. It is connected to the collective soul memory and the consciousness of all humanity.

By beginning to understand your soul you realize that you have chosen to be here, on Earth, now. By utilizing the purpose, information and power that is inherent to your soul you easily heal personal limitations and begin living the life that you consciously choose, everyday –it’s truly that simple!

As a shaman, my work is to help you tap into your unlimited nature, access patterns of limitation and release them so your highest soul’s truth and essence emerges, consciously.
For over 34 years I have been assisting individuals in understanding that they are innately powerful and capable; I’ve assisted them in releasing trauma, wounds and limitations so they are able to awaken their inner mastery. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.
Shaman, teacher

What is Shamanism and what is a Shaman:

The true dignity of humanity is found by proclaiming the Soul to be a substantial and spiritual principle endowed with immortality. The Soul is substance because it has the elements of being, potency and stability. The Soul is a spiritual substance understood to be immortal after separation from the physical body.

And what is Shamanism and what is a Shaman? Shamanism is being present in the energy of the Soul. The shaman is a doctor of the Soul for both the community as well as for the individual. Acting as a channel for a person or community, the shaman is chosen to be a communicator between the Soul and consciousness and the relative world of everyday experience. Shamans are in the physical world but not of the physical world. Shamans know themselves as a natural part of the universal environment. They work at the Soul-level to reconnect and heal souls separation. Shamans work at the Soul-level always for individuals, community and all they encounter along the way. Shamans can take on many roles in their community; they are friends, they are parents, grandparents, partners, story-tellers, medicine people and wisdom-keepers. Shamans are able to balance each relationship they experience because they choose to see only the Soul of each individual.

JoBeth is the Webster’s Dictionary definition of a ‘blessing’ in our lives and if you are lucky enough to get to work with her you can trust that she will help.