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Covid-19 Personal Message

I am still receiving many requests for private sessions. Thank you all for your continued support. At this time most of these sessions are being done by phone or video conferencing however, I am still meeting with a few individuals in my home office as well. You may use the contact form on this website to reach me via email and free to call/text to request a session or have any of your questions answered.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions that continue to be in place in Washington State, class and event dates have been changed to ‘TBD’ (to be determined). Some classes, like the Merkaba Meditation can be completed via video, but most of the other events are highly experiential and most involve group activities, so they must be done live and in person.

We have recently added a Covid19 Support section that you may enjoy during your time at home. Please continue to reach out or check back here periodically to see if we’ve rescheduled these gatherings.

Blessings on your journey

Your soul is that timeless, incredibly wise and infinitely intelligent part of you.

It has its own unique blue print, history, memory, resonance, lineage and evolution. It is connected to the collective soul memory and the consciousness of all humanity.

By beginning to understand your soul you realize that you have chosen to be here, on Earth, now. By utilizing the purpose, information and power that is inherent to your soul you easily heal personal limitations and begin living the life that you consciously choose, everyday –it’s truly that simple!

As a shaman, my work is to help you tap into your unlimited nature, access patterns of limitation and release them so your highest soul’s truth and essence emerges, consciously.
For over 34 years I have been assisting individuals in understanding that they are innately powerful and capable; I’ve assisted them in releasing trauma, wounds and limitations so they are able to awaken their inner mastery. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.
Shaman, teacher