Advanced Healing Arts Apprenticeship Program

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Advanced Healing Arts Apprenticeship Program


Class Full – March – July 2021 – 1 class per month for five months.

Sundays, once a month, 1pm to 5pm
• March 14th
• April 18th
• May 23rd
• June 20th
• July 18th

This class is limited to individuals who are interested in creating a healing arts practice or adding to their current practice.

This Advanced Healing Arts Apprenticeship program is designed for individuals who would like facilitate deep and lasting healing for themselves and their clients, while adding more information and more tools to their professional ‘tool kit’. The five modules are highly experiential and comprehensive. The healing techniques are based in quantum and holographic healing arts.

The first half of each modules will introduce theory, research and techniques. Students will spend the second half of each module practicing the various advanced techniques with one another in order to fully integrate and understand the techniques.

Current state licensed practitioners may benefit from earning 3 CEU credit hours per class.


Sundays, once a month, 1pm to 5pm

• March 14th
• April 18th
• May 23rd
• June 20th
• July 18th

  $95 per module

Location: 12610 N Fairwood Ln, Spokane, Wa 99208

Students who are currently enrolled in a Mentorship program may substitute each module for one of the two required monthly Mentorship sessions.

Module Content:

Client’s Beliefs 
– Assessing and working with them

Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, Super Conscious Mind
 – What’s the difference and what is the inherent power/limitations of each

Eye Contact, Vulnerability, Total and Complete Presence with Your Client
– Go beyond simply creating “rapport”

Tapping-into, Tuning-into and Trusting your Innate Ability as a Healer 
– Increasing your ability to stay in the flow of information: maintaining connection and safety, always

Encountering, Experiencing and Knowing the Spiritual
 – The ultimate power of what we can’t physically see
Fearlessness as it Applies to Healing Yourself and Assisting Other’s in their Healing

No Fading, Fixing or Hiding
Spirit Always Directs MatterSpirit -> Mind -> Emotion -> Body – Learning to work in this space consciously and continuously

Viewing the Client as Whole and Healed
 – Always

Holding yourself and your Client as Capable

What One of Us Heals Within Ourselves, Directly Effects the Collective Consciousness
 – Onwards towards the tipping point, perseverant like the turtle

Identifying and Overcoming the Victimhood/Martyrdom Experiences of the Client

Fear of Our Own Power
 – How to address that with you client, and Yourself

Accessing, Addressing and Releasing Subconscious Fear of Power
Understanding the Origins of the Illnesses and Imbalances created by Fear of PowerOperating at the Edge of Your Scope – When to say ‘yes’, when to say ‘no’ and options in between

The Inherent Power of the Heart
 – How to utilize this power in a session with your client. How to teach your clients to harness it’s power in themselves.

What is it to “Match and Lead”?
 – Why is it key to working with clients effectively?

Setting, Holding and Tending Sacred Space
 – Manifesting deep and lasting change

Self-Reliance, Self-Governance and Self-Council 
– Helping your client trust themselves rather than create ‘power dependencies’ on yourself and others

Energetic Emanations, Spectacular Spooks, Friend or Foe, Learning Opportunity or . . .? What are they, why are they here and why do we attract them?
 – A Shaman’s perspective
Shamanic and Holographic Healing Techniques that You Will Learn: These are native/ancient techniques that I’ve adapted to for the ‘modern client’ to create deep and lasting healing. These are easy to understand, explain and use in order to create forward movement and self-empowerment for your clients.
The Bubble – Why is it Step #1

Connecting and realigning
 the client with their Spirit/Soul
Helping the client hold his or her ‘own council’Client led soul-retrieval: multileveled, not bound by space and time, identifying, harnessing and integrating the essence and purpose of the client

 – Calling a future self back to assist you with challenging experiences in the now

Birth Vision
 – Reconnecting and expanding the clients soul-awareness to the soul group

Bone and Spirit
 – Birthing a new self

Medicine Blanket

Assemblage Point Activation

Reading the clients Akashic Records

Sitting in the presence of the Soul
, tuning into your client’s essence and helping the client tune into his or her own Soul

Setting, holding and tending the space
 for your client’s ability to access their own power


March 14 @ 1:00 pm
July 4, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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12610 N Fairwood Lane
Spokane, WA 99208 United States
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