Spokane Valley | Spirit Drum-Making Workshop

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Spokane Valley | Spirit Drum-Making Workshop


February 12th | 11am-5pm | – 16″, 18″ or 20″ round Spirit Drums with maple frames and your choice of elk, moose, cow, buffalo, horse or goat hide. Visit www.furandhide.com to see prices of these round drum kits. Make sure to order only the ‘round’ drum frame and the hides NOT pre-drilled. You’ll purchase the kit you want and bring it to class. This course will allow you to sacredly craft your own drum, honor and raise the spirit of the animal through the hide to the head of the drum, while experiencing the innate and healing power of drumming. Fee: Drum Kit cost + $95/person

Spend the day sacredly crafting your own Spirit Drum. The drums include beautiful maple wooden drum heads from 16”, 18” or 20″ in diameter and expertly tanned hides deer, elk, moose, buffalo, cow, goat or horse. Horse, bear, moose or buffalo hides are a bit heavier and slightly more fussy in damp climates. That being said, a part of making your own drum is bringing the power of the animal itself through the drum so, take some time to research the qualities and gifts of each animal, then use your intuition to make the right choice for yourself.

Over the course of the day you will participate in each aspect of the sacred ceremony of making a Spirit Drum. You’ll learn how to prepare the drum through a smudging and honoring ritual, how to tune into the consciousness of your drum, how to work with the medicine (power) of your drum, how to honor the spirit of the animal who gave its hide for your drum and the ways to use your drum for ceremony and healing.

This is a wonderful process and typically takes 4-5 hours, depending on the size of drum that you choose. It is a process that children are welcome to participate in however they will need the strength and focus of an adult to assist them in lacing the hide around the wooden drum frame.

Location: Spokane Valley, Wa 
Date: February 12th
Time:  11am – 5pm
Fee:  $95 + cost of your drum kit you from 
Please ask Centralia Hide and Fur about shipping times to give yourself enough time to receive your kit.
Registration with full payment needs to be in before February 5th.
Please DO NOT order the pre-drilled hole option for your hides
Visit www.furandhide.com(website of Centralia Hide & Fur Company) to choose and order your Drum Kit. You must purchase your drum kit and receive it before February 1st because you will need to soak the hide overnight, prior to class. Remember: Choose a 16”, 18” or 20″ Round Drum Kit only and allow for 2-3 days shipping time. 

Please bring your lunch. This is an extended day that requires moderate strength in your hands and arms along with the ability to stay focused while doing the lacing and knotting of the hide around the frame. For questions contact JoBeth at 425.823.4692


February 12, 2023
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Spokane Valley, Wa
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