Feather Fans & Medicine Bags

In today's busy, stress-filled and very superficial world we often forget the power of intention; our ability to know that every moment contains the opportunity for choice and conscious direction or re-direction of our thoughts, feelings and words. In ancient times we were taught these skills and given sacred objects to assist us in remembering to use our power, intentionally and in the moment, to create a better reality.


A medicine bag is a virtual "sacred space" or vessel that represents our soul's individual essence and purpose. It contains sacred objects that assist us in setting and holding space for intentional outcome to situations and events in our lives. It holds objects for focusing our power, channeling our emotions, clearing negative energy and access to protection.

As the Medicine Bag houses these sacred items it symbolizes those powers being held within us and our ability to draw upon them at any time. It shores us up by reminding us of our innate connection to Spirit and our ability to apply it's power and wisdom for any situation or circumstance. Smaller Medicine Bags, called Transitional bags are used for very particular circumstances. They are worn or carried, filled with power objects, during times when more clarity, wisdom and power are needed for a current life situation.

Feather Fan Shaman Spiritual

The Feather Fan is a sacred object that is used to move the smoke from smudging substances (sage, sweet grass, copal, etc.) into a space or around a person's energy field for clearing. Indigenous or ancient tribal settings the fan is seen as the hand of Spirit moving energy in our Earthly world. The fans are made from the feathers of various birds. The type of feather varies, depending on the soul qualities of the individual using it.

During JoBeth’s time with the Indigenous Tribes of Eastern Washington, she was taught to make both Medicine Bags and Feather Fans. She was taught the sacred process from start to finish; praying for the animal and it’s offering of hide, fur or feathers, sacredly dismantling and praying over the offerings, tuning into the soul energy of the individual requesting the Medicine Bag or Feather Fan, then allowing the hides, fur and feathers to guide her mind and hands to create an object that represents the individual’s soul and purpose.
The cost to have JoBeth make a personalized medicine bag is based on the cost of materials used to make the bag in addition to what you choose to give as a donation for my time and energy.  Most medicine bags take 10-12 hours while feather fans usually take 2-3 hours to complete.  Prior to beginning the construction of a Medicine Bag or Feather Fan the hides, fur and skins are smudged and laid on a sacred alter for several days to connect the materials as deeply as possible to the soul and life of the individual.
Medicine Bag and Feather Fans

She often travels to Seattle to purchase the extraordinary hides of deer, buffalo, antelope, ocelot, mink, rabbit, snake, alligator, crocodile, etc. Feathers and wings are not purchased, they are found in the right place at the right time for the individuals that are in need of them. The gem stones and beads are purchased at various stores around the Pacific Northwest. Other objects typically come (either found in nature or gifted) to her as she holds her attention on your soul's essence. JoBeth views this process as your soul and guides calling in other items that signify your individual soul qualities and powers. These are sacred objects drawn to you and for you by your guides and the Universe. The entire construction process, start to finish is truly a magical adventure.

Medicine Bags and Feather Fans are very unique and powerful tools that assist us in remembering our connection to the Sacred and our ability to utilize it's power in our own lives. These objects represent us and they are wonderful, personalized works of art --just as each of us is, in our own lives. These items make great gifts. too.

If you would like to have JoBeth make a custom Medicine Bag and/or Feather Fan for you or someone you know, contact her by phone at 425.823.4692 or email at owlwoman_shaman@yahoo.com

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