Personal Mentorships

With JoBeth

JoBeth has lived an incredibly unique life because she has approached every event and every relationship from a "soul first" perspective. Fifty years ago, at age 6, she began her re-awakening as a Shaman. Her ability to be present to the guidance, mystery and direction of the soul allows her to experience every event and relationship with trust, vulnerability, faith and fearlessness. Over her lifetime she has come to know how to apply the teachings of Shamanism, Advanced Healing Arts, Quantum Physics, Universal Laws, the Akashic Records, the Ancient Sacred Feminine and the Ancient Mystery Schools.

Each year JoBeth accepts a specially selected group individuals into her Personal Mentorship Program. She only accepts people who understand themselves to be soul-peers to her in regards to their soul lineages and history. She works with these individuals on a regular and consistent basis for a minimum of one year so that they can access and activate their innate soul gifts; becoming enlivened and empowered by the same principles and techniques that JoBeth has been taught and lives by in her own life. She assists these individuals to bring forth their own soul-wisdom and soul-knowledge into their daily lives so that they can consciously serve others and the world. The role of a mentor is quite different than that of a counseling professional or personal coach because those she accepts into mentorship are, at the soul level, able to 'own' their power, hold their own council and ultimately stand beside her as an equal.

The information and knowledge that JoBeth assists these individuals in accessing is not new and in fact, it is ancient and consistent with esoteric, spiritual and Universal principles known to cultures around the world. Everything that she knows and does is available to anyone to use and apply into their own lives while assisting others to become empowered and know themselves as a Master, in body. She often says that her life's work is to assist as many people as possible into a state of full self-empowerment and rightful use of that innate power; helping them know soul-first living and turning it into a daily experience of wonderment, growth, personal evolution.

Private Mentorship Sessions are NOT EASY; they challenge individuals to look at their own soul patterns and challenges to heal and evolve beyond all perceived limitations, victimhood and false beliefs. Many different situations may arise during an individual’s mentorship that will challenge what they think they know or what they believe to be true. A variety of circumstances and situations can arise that may seem too challenging, frightening or unorthodox to learn from and move beyond. With time the individual learns to accept that these experiences are always perfectly timed and that they hold incredible lessons for awakening to his or her highest and truest self.

The minimum requirement for mentorship is one full year of weekly or bi-weekly sessions done in person, via phone or Skype with JoBeth. Each session is roughly one hour in duration, but can last up to 75-minutes. Each mentorship session is $95. Mentorship is sacred and respectful work that requires a full and complete commitment to attend each scheduled sessions (in person or by phone), regardless of what is happening in ones life or what the individual might choose to schedule on a mentorship day.