Property Clearings & Blessings

Our home, our land, our office space and even our belongings can hold or carry different energy forms. These energy forms can be benevolent, malevolent, or something in between. They might be associated with the property or space itself, a particular human or maybe an animal that lives on the property or may be attached to an object that is on the property or in the space. It's always good to understand the consciousness of these energetic attachments and to be able to work with them or remove them if they are having a negative effect by creating disruption or drama.

Very often, undeveloped land holds it's own purpose and power. It's important to be able to communicate with the consciousness of the land to assist it in bringing forth its gift and offerings. You would be amazed at how different the energy feels on land that has been honored, respected and recognized for what it has to offer, versus land that is unacknowledged.

JoBeth works with energetic attachments and disturbances to bring clarity, understanding, removal (if needed) and clearing. She tunes into and works with the consciousness of specific pieces of land to assist in more effective use of the land's innate gifts and power.

As JoBeth does this work she helps property owners gain an understanding of what created the attachments, what lessons or learning can be gleaned from the experience, how to do energetic clearings themselves or how to work in conscious coordination with their land. JoBeth enjoys teaching others how to do these things themselves so they feel empowered to consciously work with their own spaces, intentionally correcting and changing the energy as needed.

Clearings and/or land blessings take 90-minutes to 2 hours.
Locations within 30 miles of Spokane are $250
up to 60 miles are $275.