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A message from JoBeth about this time on our planet

Welcome to one of the strangest times any of us may experience in our lifetime. Leave it to a virus to bring humanity to a halt; a complete standstill, presenting us with an ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to explore ourselves, our choices, our intentions and the consequences of our collective unconsciousness.

This is a truly amazing opportunity to begin the restoration of balance to ourselves, our relationships and the Planet. There will be deep pain and loss during this time because we are releasing what no longer fits us, even if that means our Earthly body. And no one will be immune to this process, no matter how spiritually advanced they consider themselves to be. We must build a bridge together in order to left everyone who wants to cross. We must all work together to become our most authentic, vulnerable and revealed selves during this time; supporting one another with love and compassion – unconditionally given and continually offered.

We are inextricably intertwined in the collective consciousness of all Humanity and through the energy of Spirit that informs and connects all things. What one of us feels, we all feel and experience whether we are conscious of the experience or not. The pain of death and birth are much the same, now more than ever before. We must release what is no longer serving us, re-weave and re-birth our World.

Now is not the time to play small. It’s time to focus with a fearless, trusting heart and wild, open mind. Dream your biggest dreams and rise into them. Ignite others with the magic in your stories. Now is that time!